Jean-Christophe Bohin

Hi, I'm Jean-Christophe Bohin, I am a technical and engineering manager with specific skills and background in startups, innovation, management, training and coaching, modern web architectures, IoT, event processing, big data, and microservices.

I belive that technology can be a tool to leverage social change.

I'm experienced in problem solving, creative thinking, and I love fresh ideas and chalenges.


I work as a Digital Prophet at Matters, a Startup Studio based in Paris and San-Francisco.

I'm also a technical and strategy advisor for multiple startups and for-non-profit organizations, and mentor at Share-it, Ashoka's tech for good accelerator at StationF.

I've been previously:

Talks and conferences

I occasionally give some talks in meetups and conferences. You'll find here some decks and slides I use in this occasion :

(more to come as soon as I'll have time to publish them)

Keep in touch

You can contact me on twitter and linkedin